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Liberate Your Data

AI-based Synthetic Data Generation Platform

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

GDPR Compliant

Create Realistic Synthetic Data to Your Specifications

Generate synthetic data that accurately reflects the statistical features of your real data with state-of-the-art AI technology. Use synthetic data without any privacy issues in any platform while maximizing the quality of your data. Train your machine learning models with augmented and balanced synthetic data to increase your model accuracy.


What We Offer

Privacy and Confidentiality

Synthetic data is generated from scratch after data modeling, that's why it does not violate privacy while preserving the meaning of real data.  

AI-Based Test Data Generation

During test data generation, databases including 1000s of tables are modeled together via deep learning technology. The resulting test data, shows all the characteristics of the database. 

Forget the Missing and NaN Values

Synthetic data does not include any NaN values or anomalies. Instead, data modeling is used to fill in the missing values and resolve anomalies in the real data.

Secure Storage in the Cloud

Unlike real data, synthetic data does not consist of sensitive information. It provides GDPR-compliant cloud storage to companies.

Synthetic Data For...

Synthetic data is suitable for use in the banks for the test data generation. Synthetic data provides data privacy and increases the quality of data. Financial institutions can use this synthetically generated data to enrich and anonymize their datasets.


Synthetic data gives data sharing and monetization freedom to insurance companies. Synthetic data can also be stored securely in the cloud and give access to reach AI cloud solutions. Also, test data generation is scalable and secure by using synthetic data for insurance companies.


Synthetic data use for test data generation, AI cloud storage and to increase the data quality. Also with synthetic data telecom companies can increase their data volume. It gives scaleble data generation opportunity to telecommunication companies.


Reach Us to Learn How Synthetic Data Can Help Your Company

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